A New Year A New You

3:22 PM Posted by Mish Dish

It is a New Year and everyone is talking resolutions, diets and starting new habits for the New Year. I'm not much for resolutions rather stating INTENTIONS.

(Mr. Chow South Beach NYE)
I like to start the New Year with a list of intentions for myself. It is a time for me to get quite, go within and think about what truly makes me happy.

What are the experiences and moments that truly make my heart sing?

I intend change, freedom, invention and liberation in 2011. So be it and so it is.

(Sunset in Santa Barbara)
I intend a year of beauty for beauty inspires and heals our hearts and souls. May we all find, appreciate and create greater beauty in our lives and world in 2011!
Sending you much love and gratitude,
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  1. The Simply Luxurious Life said...

    Love the change of word resolution to intention - such a perfect word and not so daunting. Here's to making 2011 a year of success, however we may define it. :)

  2. Iben said...

    Thanks for shearing your beautiful thoughts in writing. I hope this year will be fantastic. Have a nice day.

    Love Iben

  3. jemina said...

    Mish Darling, you are always so loving, sweet and wise, that is why I just so LOVE being with/ next to you. You are just one awesome lady that I really look up to. Thank you for being so caring and inspirational, I LOVE you...

    Much LOVE and Kisses dear

  4. a bit coquettish said...

    What beautiful resolutions (: xx

  5. Audrey Allure said...

    Happy 2011! Hope you had a wonderful New Years :)

  6. sacramento said...

    thank you so much for your lovely comment.
    I will keep a close eye on your blog.
    happy new year.

  7. WendyB said...

    I always get started on resolution in December..that way I can ease into them!

  8. Couture Carrie said...

    Lovely intentions, darling!

    Happy New Year!


  9. alice said...

    Love resolutions/intentions! i think it has made us all think!
    i am now a follower of you
    Happy new year, may this year be your best!

    xoxo, from alice at cuppa'fashion.

  10. Freya ♥ said...

    Thanks for the comment!
    Love your blog too much!
    It's so professional!
    And thank you for the comment!
    I will follow you also!
    Love how you changed resolutions, to intentions, and also this post was beautiful, I love your way with words!
    Have a wonderful 2011!
    Take Care,
    Freya at www.thatfashionmoment.blogspot.com
    Have a wonderful 2011!

  11. Fashion Cappuccino said...

    Happy New Year!! I agreed that most people don't really stick to their resolutions so I also want to keep mine simple as well! Enjoying life as it comes and appreciating little things more this year! xoxooxxoo

  12. J. said...

    Beautiful intentions Mish Dish. Happy New Year and the all best that is to come...

  13. yiqin; said...

    happy new year :)

  14. Abbey said...

    happy new year! thanks for dropping by my site. we should really think of things that makes us happy :)

  15. Susu Paris Chic said...

    I very much like your outlook on the New Year. My goal is to try and enjoy even more every passing moment. Finding even more beauty in all the things I do. Fashion and chicness are the extra pluses on the top...

    Sweet hugs dear!

  16. Zarna said...

    such a beautiful post - you have a lovely outlook on this year :)

  17. jemina said...

    Baby darling, how have you been? I've missed you so much....., keep in touch dearest...


  18. Sandra said...

    What an inspiring post. I also love the pictures..this gave me hope. Can't wait to find the new me..again.. Thank you!

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